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It is my pleasure to see that my voice activated computers have finally come up with this congvictorortega WEBPAGE. It has been my wish to use the internet for transparency of the projects in my district, the First District of La Union.

In the past, I would go around to every nook and cranny of the nine local government units, attend the barangay fiestas and town fiestas to be able to give a face to face report of what has transpired in the national arena and on what projects have been delivered to the local community which is primordial to the listeners. I have used the stage and round-table discussions to communicate. It has been effective as shown by the fact that I am now on my fifth term as Congressman, or shall I say on the second term of my second round; I was elected as Governor for two terms, as Vice Governor, and delegate to the Constitutional Convention of 1971. I had the pleasure of being elected unopposed when I ran for Vice Governor and again, this term, when I ran for Congress.

For the past 42 years since I threw my hat into the political arena, I have climbed countless mountains and crossed rivers and resolved that I would not come back walking the unpaved paths less traveled because I would then open roads and highways not only to bring the "farms to the market" but more especially, to bring the people closer to government and government more visible to the people. I have held the palms of so many, that I have developed a very strong grip even at my young age of seventy-seven years. There is no soft handshake in my district because we shake hands firmly and this gesture is the symbol of the sincerity and commitment of each one.

With the realization, however, that we now live in a digital world, when communications cannot be limited to face to face encounters, nor the printed media, the radio, nor television, we welcome you to this platform for information and interaction. We hope to inspire as we hope to be inspired. Let us team up for good governance, for our fellow citizens, for our country, for our God.

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About Cong. Victor F. Ortega

Congressman Ortega is not a stranger to at the Batasang Pambansa Complex, having served as Deputy Speaker in 1998, before he ended his third term. He served for eleven years, five years of which was in the 8th Congress as Assistant Minority Floor Leader and later as Minority Floor Leader. He was the Chairman of the Committee of Public Works in the 9th and 10th Congress and was able to pass the Three Year Comprehensive Public Works Program before being elected as Deputy Speaker.

He served as Governor of the Province of La Union for six years, 2001-2004 and 2004-2007 and won 32 National Awards for the Province, including the Galing Pook Award for the Provincial Hospital which was an economic enterprise before it became the first corporatized provincial hospital in the country. In 1980, he was unopposed when he ran for Vice Governor of the same province.